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Oct 14, 2012 12:00am PDT
. supervisor chu, present. supervisor cohen, present. supervisor elsbernd, present. supervisor ferrell, present. supervisor kim, present. supervisor mar, present. supervisor olague, present. response wiener, present. mr. president, all members are present. >> president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance. madam clerk, do we have any communications? >> clerk calvillo: there are no communications. >> president chiu: if you could read three items related to the official misconduct hearing. >> clerk calvillo: item 1 the board of supervisors sitting as a commission of the who will for a public hearing on the san francisco ethics commission related to charges of official misconduct presented by mayor edwin lee against sheriff ross mirkarimi. item 2 is the motion sustaining motion of official misconduct. in the three is not to sustain the -- of official misconduct. >> president chiu: why don't we start with a couple of housekeeping items. we have a number of individuals unable to join us due to the capacity of this room. there are at this moment at least thr
Oct 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
this afternoon next to highway 101 and ends at jack ferrell park. >>> the race street fish and poultry market closes its doors today. the owners say it's time to retire. this means customers will have to look elsewhere for the 10,000 pounds of fresh crab purchased every christmas week and hundreds of turkeys bought each thanksgiving. the market opened in 1947. the seafood kitchen which is next door to the market will remain open. >>> much more ahead on "today in the bay," a nuclear submarine accident. where the collision happened this weekend. >>> new this morning, the u.s. navy is investigating a collision involving two of their ships. a nuclear submarine rammed a cruiser just off the east coast yesterday afternoon. there were no injuries. naval officials have not released any details on the extent of the damage to either ship. >>> also new this morning, israeli jets continue to pound targets in the gaza strip. military officials say planes struck militants who are planning a rocket attack. at least one person was killed. this comes after a strike yesterday which left two people dead
Oct 14, 2012 8:00am EDT
, funny, interesting movie. this film is a great idea. colin ferrell's character is a struggling screen writer. his two friends, here's what they do. they kidnap dogs, okay? then they return the dogs to their owners to get the reward money. you will laugh. it's very violent, very vulgar, but i really enjoyed it. not as good as his previous movie, but very solid. 4 out of 5. >>> and the last movie, this one is scary, a little creeped out by scary movies. >> first of all, this is not an exaggeration. as the film ended last night, you would see my jaw drop and tears in my eyes. not because i'm sad. it's just a shock and terror that a film can come out in this day and age, that we've seen a story like this a million times, where a family moves into a house and something in that house haunts the family. but it is so original. the idea that ethan hawk's character is a struggling author, wants to piece together a murder mystery that has not been solved by this town's police, and he uncovers one of the most sick, most twisted and disturbing stories you'll ever see coming alive on screen.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3